Interior – Interior and FURNITURE DESIGN


Scope of work: interior design
Location: Berlin, Germany
Year: 2023
Client: Privat
Photography: Najt Lix Studio
Team: Camille Ladan

The clients arrived in their new rented apartment with an existing kitchen that was too small and not to their liking. So we built a colorful extension, in the form of a red cube.
The bold color gives character to the room, and accommodates a lot of storage space from the hallway to the kitchen.
In the entrance and the dining room, we have designed several pieces of library furniture in harmony with the red cube of the kitchen, to connect the different functions of the space, and to host the numerous books present in the apartment.
Finally, a large bookcase of more than 5 meters long was installed in the living room, to also display and store the many books of our customers.

Interior Design interior design interior design
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