Interior – Interior and FURNITURE DESIGN


Scope of work: interior design
Location: Berlin, Germany
Year: 2023
Client: Privat
Photography: Najt Lix Studio
Team: Camille Ladan

This renovation is a nod to the dynamic aesthetics of Berlin's nightlife.
We redefine the essence of a home through meticulous restructuration of the entrance, bathroom, and kitchen of this 60 square meter apartment.
The first challenge was the entrance, devoid of natural light. Our mission, to infuse it with a luminous touch. New walls surrounding the bathroom were strategically integrated with windows, flooding the entrance with the warmth of natural daylight. The new kitchen is embedded in a corridor. We maximized functionality in this small space, extending the kitchen worktop to create a cozy dining area. Inspired by the vibrant energy of Berlin's club scene, we introduced an expansive metal separation piece. This artistic element not only defines the space but also serves as sturdy support for the extended kitchen worktop.

Interior Design interior design interior design
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